Lines Across: A few old pictures I came across... 1st birthday

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A few old pictures I came across... 1st birthday

Here are a few pictures I came across from Benjamin's first birthday party in Dallas.

My Brothers and Sisters in law - Will, Lucy, Jill, and Phil (only Lillian is missing)

The cutest cake of Benjamin's favorite stuffed animal Oo-Oo the Monkey.

Haha, he looks angry. Getting ready to try cake for the first time.

For some reason he HATED the cake... Maybe it was too sweet... maybe he was too tired... or maybe it was the crowd of people staring at him to watch...

I remember his stubborn no-walking faze. When we weren't looking he would sneak a few steps... otherwise he would crawl or want both of your hands to walk around with him.

Aunt Lillian and Aunt Jill
Benjamin and his uncle Phil

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