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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wish you could take a picture of a smell

I don't think I could ever take enough pictures. I want to capture every moment. Benjamin and Lyla change so quickly every day. I really wish you could take a picture of smell. Lyla has the most amazing baby smell.

She is just the happiest baby. She especially loves it when Grant holds her up in the sky.
I have been experimenting a little bit with photo editing as well.


She is NOT a fan of sitting in the grass though. A couple days ago she was so fascinated by it. Maybe she was getting sleepy. I love this sweet grumpy picture of her. She is sitting up on her own very well now. She started to around her 5 month birthday. I am hoping she will crawl sooner than Benjamin did (that should be easy), so I keep doing these little exercises with her. I wish they made a little bumbo for tummy-time. Ever since she started rolling over it has been impossible to get her to stay on her tummy.


So beautiful!

Black and White plus Watercolor look:

Best friends!

This shirt is so adorable. It has little suspenders and sunglasses.

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  1. That's amazing how much you can improve the photo with editing.


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