Lines Across: Ice Cream Ornaments {Christmas Ornament #4}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ice Cream Ornaments {Christmas Ornament #4}

#4 Pom Pom Ice Cream Ornaments

I wanted to make a felt ice cream ornament (below), but they ended out being sort of complicated and difficult to replicate. Quick tutorial: Make a cardboard cone and glue brown felt around it with a hot glue gun. Make a couple ice cream balls with felt covering fluff. Then glue everything together, add some tiny pom pom sprinkles, and a larger red pom pom cherry. Attach a black or brown piece of pipe cleaner as an ornament hanger/cherry stem.

While I was making this felt ice cream cone (which turned out cute but also resulted in quite a few hot glue burns and a surprising amount of frustration), I came up with the idea for these much simpler pom pom ice cream cones.

They are ridiculously fun to make and very addicting.

What you need:

1. Brown construction paper, card stock, or thin cardboard (cereal box)

2. Pom poms

3. Glitter

4. Embroidery thread

5. Glue and/or a hot glue gun

What you do:

These little ornaments are really very easy to do. I love using a hot glue gun, but you could use any glue and just wait longer for it to dry.

1. Make a lot of little brown cones. I found that it works best when the cones are narrower than the pom poms. (To make the cones, cut out a lot of rectangles, twist them into cones, glue with a hot glue gun and hold until they are dry, and then trim the tops of the cones with scissors).

2. Glue together the cone, 2 or 3 pom poms, a tied embroidery thread loop, and a smaller pom pom, button, or bead.

3. Decorate the cone and/or pom poms with glitter.


  1. HI! I'm Angie.. REALLY CUTE Ice Cream Ornaments!!!! ;)

    Stopping by from TT & J!
    I have a linky party.. start every friday if you'd like to come by and link as many projects you want! ;)

    Thanks!! Happy Holidays!


  2. How adorable! I'm pinning this to try!

  3. I pinned this! Might even blog about it! Thanks for the cuteness!

  4. Would it be possible to purchase a pink one from you?


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