Lines Across: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lyla's day

Yesterday we went to the mall to get baby pictures taken of Lyla. We were going to get a few of Benjamin as well, but some little kid scratched him pretty bad at church :(

So while Lyla was getting her picture taken, my mother was running all over the mall with Jam. He was laughing and giggling and running all sorts of places where he was not supposed to be.

Then he turned around the corner and saw that Lyla was getting her picture taken and he was not and he broke down. There are few things he loves more than getting his picture taken.

 It was difficult to get too many good pictures of my sweet Lyla because she hasn't been sitting up for very long yet and every time the photographer would make her laugh, she would throw her head back grinning and fall over.
 She also kept trying to eat the basket.

 She even showed off her cute little teeth.

I think she is turning blonde... Someone even asked us the other day if we got her hair highlighted.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Egg Shape Sorter

If you are a member of Amazon Mom (cheapest place to buy diapers plus free shipping on the entire site) or Amazon Prime it is really easy to start shopping for all sorts of things.

Lately, Jams has been really fascinated with things in the kitchen and especially wants to play with the eggs.

I found this Egg Shape Sorter Toy on Amazon. He loves it. It is $5.75 and is such a cute toy for a toddler.

I love this simple toy as well. What a fun way to teach shapes, colors, counting, and sorting. Plus it becomes a fun make-believe toy for older toddlers.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Answering Machine

Reading Elmo together at Sam's Club

Somehow Benjamin has hi-jacked the home phone's answering machine. The worst part is, I don't have a clue how to change it back. Granted, I haven't spent that long trying... I just keep forgetting about it. Usually someone is at home.

The funny part is that it sounds as if he is just picking up the phone and answering it. People on the other end don't realize that they have reached the machine.

At first all you hear is heavy breathing... creepy.

Then you start to hear some toddler sounds and words. It sounds like Benjamin picked up the phone and you are having a conversation with him.

It goes on for some time.

Then people start to wonder... I know that they're not home... did Rachel leave her not-yet-two-year-old home alone?

...and if they are home, why does Benjamin keep answering the phone every time I call. Why doesn't anyone notice?

In all honesty, I don't know when he recorded the message. I was probably sitting right here next to him, thinking he was just pretending to talk on the phone. How was I to know that he had pushed a magical combination of buttons. Now if I can only figure them out myself.

On the plus side, I've started letting it go to voicemail when solicitors call, haha.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A few old pictures I came across... 1st birthday

Here are a few pictures I came across from Benjamin's first birthday party in Dallas.

My Brothers and Sisters in law - Will, Lucy, Jill, and Phil (only Lillian is missing)

The cutest cake of Benjamin's favorite stuffed animal Oo-Oo the Monkey.

Haha, he looks angry. Getting ready to try cake for the first time.

For some reason he HATED the cake... Maybe it was too sweet... maybe he was too tired... or maybe it was the crowd of people staring at him to watch...

I remember his stubborn no-walking faze. When we weren't looking he would sneak a few steps... otherwise he would crawl or want both of your hands to walk around with him.

Aunt Lillian and Aunt Jill
Benjamin and his uncle Phil

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny things we say and do


Every time he hears the toilet flush he says "Bye Bye Pee Pee"... we did not teach him that.

If I ask him to sing he holds his hands together and sings "mimimimimi...." I did teach him that.

He loves to fake snore. He loves to count. He loves to chuckle like the Count on Sesame Street.

Gigi (my grandmother):

Whenever we watch American Idol with her and Steven Tyler comes on she says "That is one UGLY woman"


For the past month or so Lyla has been obsessed with trying to talk to you. She either makes a high pitched squeak and wants you to do it right back, or lately she has been making raspberry noises. At first I thought she was choking and freaked out... then I realized she was making that noise on purpose. She gets mad if she has trouble with it.


Grant laughed about this for about an hour the other day. To preface, I have nothing but respect for Canadians :)

"It is so cute how if you bump into Benjamin he is the one to say I'm sorry. It's like we're raising a little Canadian"


Where do I start... Grant is the funniest person I know (and craziest sometimes). He walks around the house singing (Grandmother is always asking - What in the world is that noise?). Last week at church he was singing so loudly (and of course is sounded amazing even if it was quite off key) and the kids in front of us kept turning around and staring. Even their mom slyly peeked a look at one point. He loves to make B and L laugh.

Zig Zag and Koji:

I have never been a cat person, but lately I have become a fan. Koji is a thin sleek Japanese Bobtail who can jump to any height, fit through any space, and who always finds the most bizarre and creative places to nap.

Zig Zag is the fat cat. He waddles when he walks, can't jump any higher than the bed, and he plops in front of your feet when you want attention.

So if you had told me that the cat in this video was Zig, I never would have believed you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joovy ScooterX2 - Review

It is important for me to be able to easily (as easily as possible) get out of the house with Benjamin and Lyla, whether it is to go shopping, or for a walk around the lake. Benjamin is going through a wandering faze and Lyla is getting really heavy for her front carrier, so the double stroller is key.

At Sea World with Grant's family
We already had a front/back double stroller that fits with our Chicco car seat, but I really wanted a side by side stroller. While the front/back stroller is great for the mall or smaller stores where you want to fit through tight places, it is very difficult to turn and push, and Lyla can't really see out from the back.

So I started to research side-by-side stroller. I wanted a sturdy jogging-type stroller for $200 or less. I found a few actual jogging strollers (the seats are always reclined back and there is only one front wheel), but every review I read said that their children quickly outgrew them and that they were squished together. Since Benjamin is already so tall (35 inches at 18 months), I wanted something built for taller kids. Then I stumbled across the Joovy ScooterX2.

The idea behind this stroller is: "The Joovy ScooterX2 is designed to fill a giant hole in the double stroller market - a lightweight, "fit through any door," side-by-side stroller that has more room for big American kids."

I LOVE this stroller for so many reasons.

1. It is sturdy and very easy to push. I use it to walk around the lake where there are uneven sidewalks and brick roads and the stroller handles very well.

2. It is built for tall kids. Benjamin is about 36 inches in this picture and there is still plenty of room to grow.

3. There is a built in large sunshade that provides lots of cover.

4. There are two cupholders and zippered pouches on the back.

5. There is a TON of storage space underneath the stroller.

6. There is a little divider between the two seats to help separate your two kids a little bit. There are also little pouches on both sides for toys or snacks or sippy cups.

7. Both seats are very comfortable and recline independently to any position you want.

The Joovy ScooterX2 is available in Black, Orange, and Green. When I ordered this online I was worried that the green would be too bright. However, it looks great in person and is easy to spot in a crowd.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I guess I'm that person now

So Benjamin is at that age where his vocabulary is exploding and he is learning new words every day. One thing he loves to do is to label things, both what they are, and whose they are.

When he sees the newspaper, he points to it and says Gigi. When he finds a belt he points and says Daddy. Anytime he sees anyone anywhere holding a clear Starbucks cup (or finds an empty one sitting around the house, Grant - can you find the one in the picture?) he says Daddy. Pacifier - Lyla, Cane - Gigi, Blanket - Lyla.

Well I've noticed that there aren't many Mommy things around the house. What does my son associate with me? Then yesterday we were in the kitchen together and he points to the broom and says Mommy! Haha, great. I guess I'm that person now :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hilarious products

There are a lot of crazy products out here. Here are a few I've come across.

2. For father's day maybe? Just what every man needs - an emergency bow tie.

3. OCD Hand Sanitizer. Haha, I love how it says "Use Frequently" and "Clinical Strength"

4. Strangest potty training idea ever. Weirdest stuffed animals (could you even call them that?) ever! Pee and Poop should NOT look so cute. They even sell t-shirts etc. on their website...

5. This is funny and sort of a cute idea. It would make for some cute photographs.

6. Citi Kitty - Cat toilet training system. Ok, this looks insane, but it is tempting. Grant and I saw this product on shark tank. It is pretty funny though. I can totally see Koji using the toilet in a heartbeat.

These are some pictures that come along with a lot of great customer reviews on

7. Vibram FiveFingers Multisport shoes. I'm not sure I totally get the purpose of these, but I want them. It reminds me of an invention I came up with years ago I called barefoot shoes. These are a little more heavy duty than the ones I had in mind though.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wish you could take a picture of a smell

I don't think I could ever take enough pictures. I want to capture every moment. Benjamin and Lyla change so quickly every day. I really wish you could take a picture of smell. Lyla has the most amazing baby smell.

She is just the happiest baby. She especially loves it when Grant holds her up in the sky.
I have been experimenting a little bit with photo editing as well.


She is NOT a fan of sitting in the grass though. A couple days ago she was so fascinated by it. Maybe she was getting sleepy. I love this sweet grumpy picture of her. She is sitting up on her own very well now. She started to around her 5 month birthday. I am hoping she will crawl sooner than Benjamin did (that should be easy), so I keep doing these little exercises with her. I wish they made a little bumbo for tummy-time. Ever since she started rolling over it has been impossible to get her to stay on her tummy.


So beautiful!

Black and White plus Watercolor look:

Best friends!

This shirt is so adorable. It has little suspenders and sunglasses.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Benjamin was born with a short head of light brown hair. By the time he was about six months old, it had all fallen out, except for an adorable little mohawk.

Now he has beautiful blonde hair and it completely fits his personality. I couldn't imagine him any other way.

When I found out I was having a girl, I secretly hoped she would be born with thick brown hair like I was. (Of course I knew that I would love her hair and think it was perfect no matter what color it was.)

This is a picture of me around my first birthday.

Furthermore, the name LYLA actually means dark-haired beauty (which she is!).

However, I did not realize how high-maintenance her hair would be. I carefully comb through her hair, untangling many knots after every nap. I even use detangling conditioner throughout the day. And yet the knots keep coming back. I have even had to cut 3 or 4 out from the back of her head. Even though her hair takes a lot of work, it always looks adorable.

This is her crazy just combed sticking up look.

This is her single pigtail look. This is how she wears her hair around the house most days.

This is her pigtails with bows look. The bows fall out of her very soft and fine hair very easily though.

Lyla's hair goes in all different directions.

This is my favorite look - cute little pigtails.

When her hair was shorter it looked cute in a little head band. It is getting too thick to work well now.

The big flower headband.

Grant thinks she looks like a flapper from the 20s in this picture. She looks so cute in the little beanie, but it is usually too hot in Florida for it.

One flower clip to pull her bangs out of her eyes.

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