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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Craft Link Party #2 - The Cure for the Common Monday

First of all I want to thank everyone who linked up last week. I really loved all of the projects and it was much harder than I thought to choose which ones to feature.

This week I had a lot of fun making things with felt. I made a felt owl for Lyla's room, 5 different kinds of felt flowers, and a 2 birthday shirt for Benjamin.

I think that I messed up the code a little bit for the Cure for the Common Monday button last week, so double check that yours works. Here are the button codes below:

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For the Nursery

Killer B. Designs made these adorable map hearts for her baby's nursery. One heart is centered around her birth place, and the other is centered around her husband's.

Abbey at Life Treasured decorated this lamp for her identical triplet girls' nursery. I love this lamp and how it is sophisticated and just the right amount of girly.

For the Kids

Tracy at Naptime = Crafttime made this fascinating melted crayon art. Not only does this look great (and would be perfect for a play room or kid's room) but it looks like so much fun to make.

Anna at Directions Not Included made these cute chalkboard tables out of IKEA tables. These would be so much fun in a play area.

For the Home

Junkin' Junkie made this gorgeous gradient butterfly art. This would also be beautiful in a nursery or girl's room.

Stacey at Embracing Change made an awesome picnic table out of an old door. I want one :)

Please link up to 3 projects below. This is a low-key link party but I would love it if you would all do the following:
1. Follow me on GFC (I also made a Facebook page today so follow me there too if you would like)
2. Post the Cure for the Common Monday button somewhere on your blog (or link back to Lines Across My Face)
3. Try to visit at least as many posts as you link up. Also remember that everyone loves comments, Pins, Stumbles, etc...

Felt Flowers (hair clips and pins)

This week I got a little crazy with making felt flowers. I tried a few different tutorials I found online and made some flower hair clips for Lyla, and a few to pin on her clothes or to decorate her room. I didn't have any pink felt or cute buttons or beads when I was making these, so I definitely want to go back and make some more pink ones and embellish these a little more.

1. Round 5 petal flower. I saw this Hibiscus flower tutorial at The Little Giggler. She made hers into a headband, which is a great idea, and I really love the pink. She also has a great step by step tutorial.

First, cut out 5 large circles of light blue felt (about 1 inch in diameter), 7 smaller blue circles (about 2/3 inches in diameter), and 2 green leaves.

(For the smaller red flower, simply cut out 5 smaller red circles)

Set the smaller circle on top of the larger circle, pinch the ends together, and sew it closed.

Next, sew all of the five petals together one by one. It helps to sew from the back on the last couple petals. I had a little bit of trouble on this step because I have very little experience with sewing.

Then use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers and the little felt circle to the middle. You could also use a cute bead or button in the middle here.

I used alligator clips to turn these flowers into a hair clip. First glue a felt circle to the back of your flower. Then attach the alligator clip to another felt circle that is the exact same size (I used a hot glue gun and I sewed it on for extra support). Then glue the second circle onto the back of the first.

Lyla showing off her new felt flower hair clip

2. NO SEW felt flower. This flower was definitely the most fun to make. I feel like there are a lot of possibilities for great flowers using this basic idea. I got the idea over at Mrs. Priss's Classic Felt Flower Tutorial. I love the beautiful button she uses in the center of hers.

First, cut out 6 larger and 6 smaller flower petals in the same color.

Next, using a hot glue gun, glue the smaller ends shut. This was a lot of fun, even though I burned my fingers once or twice.

Once you have all of your petals, start by gluing the larger petals to a round felt base. The center will look very weird, but of course this will not show in the end. Then start gluing on the smaller petals on top of the larger ones. (This is such a terrible picture. I end out doing crafty things at night after Benjamin and Lyla are asleep, and the pictures do not come out as well in the dark)

I made this flower into a pin. I LOVE the look of pink and orange together, so I plan to attach this to some of Lyla's pink onesies. I love how this one turned out, but it would probably look even better with a better center.

3. I saw these Felt Camelia Flowers at How Joyful. Mine did not turn out as well as these here, but they were fun to make. Go to How Joyful for a detailed tutorial as well as free printable templates that you need to make these flowers.

First cut out the template. Then sew together the triangle areas from the back.

I made a large white flower and a smaller green flower and then sewed them together.

4. Easy sew flowers. I've seen pictures of these flowers floating around the web, and I think they originated on a Martha Stewart website. They are so easy to make and were a lot of fun. I made a few, and especially like the black and white hair clip I made for Lyla.

Cut out 5 petals. Wider petals will have more depth. Sew the petals together in the exact way shown below. Then push all of the petals together and sew the fifth one to the first one. These are very simple and easy to

5. I love the felt bows and flowers over at Every Nothing Wonderful. These tutorials are great and include some free templates to print off for cutting out petals and leaves. I especially love the ones that use the little felt balls cut in half. When I get some pink felt I'm going to make these adorable felt bows for Lyla.

I made this little yellow flower using these tutorials, but I did not use the template (probably should have). Mine did not turn out as well as the ones in the pictures and I think I made the pieces a little bit small.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!

Today was Benjamin's 2nd Birthday. I have never been all that into birthdays, and yet I still teared up a little bit this morning when we went into his room to sing Happy Birthday when he first woke up. In honor of little Benjamin's birthday, this week I will be posting his birth story as well as month by month pictures of his first 2 years of life.

Jam wearing his birthday shirt I made for him

 For breakfast Benjamin had pancakes (his favorite) on a Cars plate with 2 birthday candles. He laughed and laughed at the flames as they flickered while he tried to blow the candles (which somehow he did by himself eventually).

After breakfast, he opened a few of his presents. He was so excited by his new toys that he lost interest in opening the rest of the presents. I guess his birthday celebrations will continue tomorrow. He especially loved his wooden car sets from his Grammy and Pops. (He even took his red car to bed with him tonight).

Lyla dove across Grant's lap to reach the presents that were being opened.

We then all went to the Orlando Science Center where we have passes. Since we were out of town for so long and have been busy, we haven't been in over a month so everything was new and exciting again. Benjamin had SOOOOO much fun.

Of course first thing he managed to find some gears... classic Benjamin.
Of course Grant wanted him to wear his Star Wars t-shirt... classic Grant.

The Orlando Science Center has this awesome guitar exhibit right now (not very interesting to kids though). They have a stage where you can dress up like a rock star and get your picture taken. The clothes seemed a little less rock star and a little more... well I'm not quite sure what to call it.

Benjamin built a lot of pipes in the wall. He definitely has a lot of little engineer in him.

And then he found the racing cars. I think he could have stayed here all day. Every time the cars whizzed past him he squealed and laughed and said "go go go go go." The older kids (old enough to know better) kept coming over and taking his car away. He was having too much fun to get upset. One boy who was about 5 or 6 came over and asked him for it and explained to him that it was a racing car and that he was going to go up the stairs and race it so that he could watch. I thought it was so sweet (better than the 10 year olds who just took it right out of his hands).

 He played with the giant Legos. He built towers with the giant Legos. But mostly he wanted to throw the giant Legos.

He played with the boats and the water table.

He "did laundry"... I wish I had this much fun doing laundry! (or any fun doing laundry)

He ran circles through the underground streets. He kept asking for "hand Mommy" and wanted me to run with him. Since it was his birthday I bent over and ran and ran and ran through these tunnels.  The older kids gave me weird looks.

Before dinner I wanted to get a few cute birthday pictures of him in his 2 shirt. He made it pretty clear that he did not want his picture taken.

Paparazzi: "Leave me alone! It's my birthday!"

"Ok. I'll be cute for one minute. Then I'm going to the car with or without you"

He looks so cool in this picture. Just relaxed, leaning on one hip, holding his sunglasses, and casually glancing up at the camera with a confident nonchalance. 

For dinner we went to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. This is my absolute favorite restaurant and we used to go there for my birthdays when I was a kid. We have taken Benjamin there before and he loved the food and he really loved watching the chef cook and make fire.

Tonight was a different story.

The fire on the table right in front of us scared Benjamin... and Lyla. Then they seemed to feed off of each other's energy and they both just kept crying. Then as I calmed one of them down, the other would get more worked up. This went on for about 5 minutes. Once the food was ready Benjamin calmed down as he gobbled up broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, and steak. They even brought him his own personal cupcake with a single candle on it. All of a sudden he was terrified of the tiny little flame that he loved this morning.

Lyla wearing her Beatles shirt. So precious!

My dad is in town so he came with us to dinner tonight. Lyla looks very concerned with something in this picture.

Benjamin ended out eating the entire cupcake (I didn't even think he liked cupcakes) and ended up with icing all over his face. This is the awesome birthday cake picture that I never got at his first birthday (he hated the cake).

We all had such a great day. He even took one of his new wooden cars to bed with him tonight.

Here is a video (a little long) of Benjamin and Lyla playing with his new cars before bed. Apparently he thinks that a car carrier makes a choo choo sound.

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