Lines Across: December 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simple Yarn and Button Owl Ornament {Christmas Ornament #5}

I love these yarn-wrapped ornaments. They are so easy to make, and you probably already have everything you need to make them sitting around your house.

What you need:

1. Yarn
2. Cardboard
3. Buttons
4. Felt
5. Glue gun and scissors

What you do:

1. Draw the shape of an owl on a scrap piece of cardboard. I used thicker cardboard from an old box for support. You could also print a template if you are not good at drawing.

2. Pick out a color of yarn and start wrapping. I used a fluffy yarn for this owl and I like how it turned out. I used a hot glue gun to attach the yarn to the cardboard, but you could also tie a small knot.

3. Keep wrapping. Add small dabs of hot glue as you go, especially around the difficult places like the ears. Wrap in different directions.

4. To stop wrapping, add a small dab of glue to the end of the yarn. Tuck this piece behind some of the other yarn on the back of the ornament.

5. Cut out a small triangle from felt. Glue on the beak, then glue on button eyes.

6. Attach another piece of yarn, ribbon, twine, or wire as an ornament hanger.

The Cure for the Common Monday #22

I can't believe Christmas is just one week away! Because of the holidays, there won't be a link party next Monday. I will be doing features from this party on Wednesday (last minute Christmas ideas).

Stop by and enter my Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway.

Before we get to the features, did you know that Monday is the last day to order on Amazon (with standard shipping) and have it arrive before Christmas? Here are a few last minute gift ideas.

The Settlers of Catan - This is my favorite game of all time. Seriously it is amazing. It is a strategy game for 3-4 players (you can get an expansion pack for more players).

Kindle Fire - (You want an iPad but you don't want to spend $500+? The Kindle Fire is only $199.00 - Barnes and Noble also has a Nook that is very similar.)

Fisher Price Wheelies Rampway - We got this for Lyla's first birthday a few weeks ago (it says 18 months +) and she LOVES it. She laughs as the cars fly down the ramp and has starting experimenting by putting all of her toys down the slides. It is just about as tall as she is, which is very exciting for a young toddler.)

Now onto the party.


1.  Homemade Marzipan from {Nifty Thrifty Things}

2. Stocking Holders from Southern Lovely

3. Coiled Paper Ornaments from Saved by Love Creations

4. Glass Christmas Light Gift from The Bean Sprout Notes

5. Felt Rose Wreath from A Fish Who Likes Flowers

6. Quick Christmas Towel Gifts from Michelle Paige

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Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway (and 10% off Coupon Code)

I am so excited about this awesome jewelry giveaway from Shabby Apple.

One lucky reader will win this gorgeous necklace, Key to my Heart ($52.00 value)
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Shabby Apple has so many wonderful vintage jewelry pieces. I love this gold feather necklace, Light as a Feather.

I also love this beautiful vintage necklace, The Queen's Rose.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy First Birthday Lyla!

Last week, Lyla celebrated her first birthday. It's hard to believe my little baby is 1.

It is also hard to believe I have already given her 3 hair cuts.

We spent her actual birthday at Sea World. Lyla and Benjamin LOVE Sea World and we live about 15 minutes away (I have to remind myself of these good things about living in Florida when I am sweating in shorts and a t-shirt in December). She especially loves the penguins and the sharks. There is also this really great area for kids with a giant sandbox.

They are both making odd faces in the picture above, but I think that's why I love it.

Sea World has some beautiful Christmas decorations.

We got to pet an adorable little Wallaby.

Grant wanted to surprise me and pick out a special birthday outfit for Lyla. I thought this was so sweet. Normally I wouldn't say anything if I wasn't crazy about her outfit or if things didn't exactly match. Ahem... He put her in a slightly too small fall purple linen dress and a summery pink, green, and brown skirt. Seriously Grant? He still thought it was adorable, so she ended out wearing it all day. Only a baby could pull off something that crazy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ice Cream Ornaments {Christmas Ornament #4}

#4 Pom Pom Ice Cream Ornaments

I wanted to make a felt ice cream ornament (below), but they ended out being sort of complicated and difficult to replicate. Quick tutorial: Make a cardboard cone and glue brown felt around it with a hot glue gun. Make a couple ice cream balls with felt covering fluff. Then glue everything together, add some tiny pom pom sprinkles, and a larger red pom pom cherry. Attach a black or brown piece of pipe cleaner as an ornament hanger/cherry stem.

While I was making this felt ice cream cone (which turned out cute but also resulted in quite a few hot glue burns and a surprising amount of frustration), I came up with the idea for these much simpler pom pom ice cream cones.

They are ridiculously fun to make and very addicting.

What you need:

1. Brown construction paper, card stock, or thin cardboard (cereal box)

2. Pom poms

3. Glitter

4. Embroidery thread

5. Glue and/or a hot glue gun

What you do:

These little ornaments are really very easy to do. I love using a hot glue gun, but you could use any glue and just wait longer for it to dry.

1. Make a lot of little brown cones. I found that it works best when the cones are narrower than the pom poms. (To make the cones, cut out a lot of rectangles, twist them into cones, glue with a hot glue gun and hold until they are dry, and then trim the tops of the cones with scissors).

2. Glue together the cone, 2 or 3 pom poms, a tied embroidery thread loop, and a smaller pom pom, button, or bead.

3. Decorate the cone and/or pom poms with glitter.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cure for the Common Monday #21


This week I started a series of handmade ornament tutorials. There will probably be about 10 total. Check out the first three.

I am also working on some ideas for a new blog design. I'm considering shortening the name of my blog to Lines Across. We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks. 

Here are the wonderful features from this week. Thank you all for sharing.

1. Glass Christmas Trees from Alderberry Hill

2. No-Sew Fabric Scrap Tutu from Designed by Dawn Nicole

3. Felt Donuts from Binge Crafter

4. How to Make Fondant Penguins (The Anatomy of a Fondant Penguin) from Fowl Single File

5. Peace and Joy Wood Blocks from The Old Block House

6. Simple Elegance Wreath from Somewhere in the Middle

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"><img src="" /></a>

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Felt Lollipop Ornaments {Christmas Ornament #3}

#3 - Felt Lollipop Christmas Ornaments

What you need:

1. A few different colors of felt
2. Hot glue gun
3. Ribbon (or another way to hang the ornament)
4. Lollipop sticks (or bbq skewers and white paint)

What you do:

1. Cut different colored strips of felt. There are many combinations and possibilities here, but I made mine between 8 and 12 inches long, and about 1 cm wide.

2. Arrange the pieces of felt like you want them. I found that they look better when you put 2 or 3 pieces of the same color next to each other. I used 6 strips per lollipop. When you are arranging them, keep in mind that the inside piece will be the smallest, and the outermost piece will need to be the longest.

{I made all of the strips about 12 inches (the long side of a sheet of felt) and then trimmed them as I went along. If you wanted to trim them ahead of time here is what you need: (7'')(8'')(9'')(10'')(11'')(12''). In the end what is most important is that your outermost piece is significantly longer than the others.}

3. Start rolling the felt together, adding a little hot glue as you go. You do not need to secure every piece.

4. When you get near the end, make sure that the pieces look staggered like this. Make sure that the outside piece is longer than the others.

5. Glue the ends. Wrap the last piece around tightly and secure very well with a hot glue gun. Flip the lollipop so that the back side is up. Glue on a ribbon and lollipop stick (I painted some bbq skewers white). Last, glue a felt circle, slightly smaller than the lollipop, to the back of the ornament. This both secures the spiral and gives a more finished look.

These are pretty simple to make. Have fun with them. Experiment with different sizes, colors, and strips of felt. For now, I just made these three.

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