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Monday, October 1, 2012

Scrappy Flower Hexagon Wreath

I really love the geometric shapes craze that's been going on lately. I especially love hexagons, because of the way they "honeycomb" together. So I decided to make a hexagon fall wreath.

This is actually the first wreath I've ever made... I was sort of surprised when I realized this. I've made so many things in my life, and certainly pinned a million wreaths, but I have just never made one myself. When I stopped to think about it, I realized it was because our front door is really awful. We live in a townhouse that's part of a condo complex, so all of the metal doors are painted the same dark green color. On top of this, we have a screened in porch in front of it, so people would hardly see a wreath anyway.

The scrappy flower idea came from this picture frame/wreath that I pinned about a year ago.
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1. The Little Cloud Flower

2. The Fairy Tale Flower (Check back on Wednesday for the tutorial)

3. The Felt Rose

4. The Pom-Pom Flower

5. The Spider Mum

6. The Felt Dahlia Flower (this is a smaller version than the tutorial)

I also used some scraps of fabric and tulle to make little rosettes. I made all of these flowers with only a glue gun. If you prefer, you can sew most of them, but you definitely don't have to. I've found that a hot glue gun works best when gluing felt to felt. If you're ever wondering what kind of glue to use for a project, you can use this amazing site that I recently found on Stumble Upon called This to That.
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How to Make a Hexagon Wreath

What you need:

1. Foam Poster Board
2. Box Cutter or Rotary Cutter
3. Thin Cardboard (I used a cereal box)
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Self Healing Mat (This is the one I have and it's awesome: OLFA 12-Inch x 18-Inch Self-Healing Double-Sided Rotary Mat)

What you do:

1. Cut out 6 rectangles from a foam poster board that are 10 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide. Really, the size of the rectangle doesn't matter much as long as all 6 pieces are the same.

2. Now cut off both sides of the rectangles at a 30 degree angle. My cutting board has a really useful 30 degree angle line. Make sure that you look at the pictures and cut the angles the right way so that you have a (nerd alert!) symmetrical trapezoid and not a parallelogram. If you don't have a protractor or special cutting board, you can print a 30 degree angle onto card stock and use it as a stencil.

Printable 30 Degree Angle - Google Docs
3. Arrange all 6 pieces into a hexagon. Cut out little pieces of thin cardboard and glue them across the seams with a hot glue gun.

4. For added support, glue pieces of foam board across the seams on the back side of the wreath.

5. Now wrap the foam board with fabric (I think burlap would also work very well), making sure that the seams are on the back.

6. Attach extra pieces of fabric around the corners. Cut a slit in the fabric to be able to precisely cover the corners.

Now you have your wreath base. This is a very detailed tutorial, but it was really very easy and quick. If you like this idea, but don't want to mess with angles and math, simply cut 6 rectangles and glue them together in a hexagon shape. The wreath base will be uneven in places, but if you cover it with extra fabric, you wouldn't be able to notice.

I chose to use 6 colors: brown, heather, ivory, pink, orange, and yellow. This is my fall wreath, and although I LOVE how it turned out, I think that it would have also been cute with some fall burgandy (like my fall felt flower centerpiece from last year.)

Right now, it's hanging on our ugly front door. What are some good ideas for another place to hang a wreath?


  1. This is beautiful, and I know it took a long time to make! Great job!

  2. Totally in love with this!! It's awesome!

  3. What a great idea to have a hexagon shape! I love all the's amazing!

  4. I am so glad I found you on Not Just a Housewife. Your wreath looks gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work:)


  5. I love this wreath! This is the 1st hexagon wreath I've seen! So cute and creative! I'd love for you to share this at my new linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!


  6. I seriously love your wreath SO much. I really really really do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. love this! great job! :)


  8. LOVE this wreath :) Link this bad boy up to M.M.M. today!

  9. ok...Rachel....ADORABLE!!!! LOVE colorful!!

  10. This is too cute! : ) I love felt flowers! But I think my favorite part is the shape! Beautiful!!

  11. Love the colors and different flowers! So creative! :)

  12. Hi, I'm Japanese craft lover & run a Japanese blog to introduce craft tips and ideas ( ).

    I saw your blog, your works are so adorable!
    I introduced your wreath ( so that some people wanna know how to make those flowers in detail.
    If you don’t mind, can I translate your tutorial in Japanese & post it again? I want to use your photos to explain the tutorials.
    Of course, definitely, I link back to your original posts and give credit back to you.

    Hope to your favorable reply!

  13. This is so pretty! And I never see hexagon wreaths, but I love it! Do you mind if I link back to/feature this on my blog?! I would love to share it :)


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