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Friday, November 30, 2012

Textured Star Ornaments

I love making quick and easy ornaments to help decorate the tree. My kids and I love stars, so I thought I'd make a handful of textured stars in white and glittery gold for the tree.

What you need:
1. Cardboard and Scissors
2. Paint and Paint Brush
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Kraft Ribbon

What you do:

1. Cut out a bunch of stars from a piece of cardboard. I made one I liked, then I used it to trace the others.

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue strips of kraft ribbon to the front of the star, making sure that it extends past the edges of the star.

3. Let it dry. Flip over the star, and trim the edges of the kraft ribbon away.

4. Flip over the star, and decorate or paint as you desire.

I painted half of mine white. I used a dry brush technique, so that a little bit of the original color of the paper ribbon would show through. I also added a light coat of gold glitter paint to the white stars after the paint had dried. I painted the other half with a gold glitter acrylic paint. It looks great on top of the natural kraft color.

Glue strips of kraft ribbon to the backs of the stars. These look great on our Christmas tree, and I love the natural rustic look combined with the glittery gold.


  1. Super cute, Rachel :) Fabulous holiday fun. Hugs.

  2. These look fantastic, Rachel! One year, I'm hoping to do a tree using this very color palette! Pinning this project, for sure. ;-)


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