Lines Across: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Exciting Announcement...

Over the next few weeks, my family is moving across town. I am taking a little break from posting new tutorials right now, but I have lined up a very exciting guest series for the month of June. It starts this Monday!

I'm calling it the Craft Stash Bash, since all of the projects were made with each blogger's own craft stash.

Check out the amazing bloggers who are lined up. Some of them you probably already know. Everyone in this series is a brand new guest poster here at Lines Across. I already have seen a few of the projects and they are amazing! I'm excited to see the rest of them and share them with you.

Week 1

Monday, June 4 - Cheryl (That's What Che Said)

Tuesday, June 5 - Jill (Nokoikonomia)

Wednesday, June 6 - Bethany (Pitter and Glink)

Thursday, June 7 - Jamie (C.R.A.F.T.)

Week 2

Monday, June 11 - Kelly (Live, Laugh, Rowe)

Tuesday, June 12 - Amanda (The Little Giggler)

Wednesday, June 13 - Aimee (It's Overflowing)

Thursday, June 14 - Holly (Life as a Thrifter)

Week 3 

Monday, June 18 - Victoria (Vixen Made)

Tuesday, June 19 - Jamie (Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)

Wednesday, June 20 - Stacy (Handmade by Stacy Vaughn)

Thursday, June 21 - Allison (Little Lovelies)

Week 4

Monday, June 25 - Sarah (The Winthrop Chronicles)

Tuesday, June 26 - Carolyn (Homework)

Wednesday, June 27 - Hani (Craftionary)

Thursday, June 28 - Barbara (Chase the Star)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Cure for the Common Monday #42

Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for sharing each week here at Lines Across. Last week's party was our biggest so far. Remember, tomorrow is the last day to enter the PrintRunner Giveaway.

This week's co-host is Tori from Oh Craft! Stop by and check out her blog and follow along, or follow along on Facebook.

1. Kate Spade inspired gold dot jewelry tray from Beauty and the Beard

2. Drawstring bags from Midwestern Sewing Girl

3. Op Art inspired line drawing from Art Club Blog

4. Easy play make-up from Artsy Fartsy Mama

5. 3D paper earrings from Say Not Sweet Anne

6. 30 minute maxi dress from The Winthrop Chronicles (also the most viewed link this week!)

7. DIY spool necklace from A Creative Cookie

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Everyone is welcome to join this link party. Share something crafty or creative. Share a recipe or a household tip. There are four simple rules.

1. Follow Lines Across (I also will be sharing some of my favorites throughout the week through FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest).
2. Post the Cure for the Common Monday button somewhere on your blog (or link back to Lines Across).
3. Visit and comment on at least one link for every post you share.
4. Visit the co-host, Oh Craft!, and follow her blog.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stamped and Doodled Gift Boxes

I loved making these paper pyramid gift boxes so much that I've been making them to use for so many things.

I thought I would share a couple of fun ways to decorate them.

First, stamps. I printed the template, then I stamped the paper, cut, scored, and assembled.

Second, ultra fine Sharpies (one of my favorite things in the world). I printed the template, doodled rainbow lines across each triangle, cut, scored, and assembled. (I LOVE these Sharpie Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers, 24-Pack - 80's Glam colors)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Makeover Hoop Earrings

I have a lot of earrings. I never throw them out. Even the cheap ones that start to wear. At least they don't take up space.

Recently we were at Disney and I was watching a girl wrap hair with thread. It was interesting how they switched from color to color. Then I saw a couple pairs of hoop earrings that didn't look very good anymore, and I thought I would give it a try.

What you need:
1. Hoop earrings
2. Two (or more) colors of embroidery floss, at least 12 inches each
3. Mod podge

What you do:
1. Tie a knot at the base of the earring with both strands of thread. Start wrapping one strand around the earring, and around the other strand.

2. When you want to switch colors, simply pick up the inside strand and start wrapping it around the first strand and the earring.

3. When you are done, you don't even need to tie a knot. Simply cut the threads and apply Mod Podge to the ends, making sure it dries the right way. I also trimmed the original knot and added a little Mod Podge there, and at the places where I changed colors. You could even coat the entire earring in a light layer of Mod Podge.

That's it. So easy and cute. I love how they turned out. I might have to go and buy some more hoops so that I can make different colors. This is a fun way to use up all of those little extra pieces of embroidery thread you have tucked away.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Cure for the Common Monday #41


Stop by to enter custom printed stickers (250) from PrintRunner.

I'm happy to introduce this week's co-host, Kelly from Herringbone Lane. Check out her beautiful blog, and follow along with Twitter or Pinterest.

1. I am overwhelmed by all of the cute ideas in Pitter and Glink's craft room reveal. I love them all!

2. Look at these beautiful gift card holders that Handmade by Stacy Vaughn made from paper rolls.

3. These Blueberry Coconut Mini Custard Tarts from Baking with Blondie look so delicious.

4. I love this beautiful felt flower corsage from The Winthrop Chronicles.

5. This gray room is beautiful and looks so comfortable from Live Love DIY.

6. I love the colors of this beautiful and easy pincushion from Hooked on Decorating.

7. This beautiful sunburst mirror from Decorating Cents was made with paint stirrers. Great idea.

8. I love this creative DIY vintage suitcase footstool from Image Remix.

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Everyone is welcome to join this link party. Share something crafty or creative. Share a recipe or a household tip. There are four simple rules.

1. Follow Lines Across (I also will be sharing some of my favorites throughout the week through FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest).
2. Post the Cure for the Common Monday button somewhere on your blog (or link back to Lines Across).
3. Visit and comment on at least one link for every post you share.
4. Visit the co-host, Herringbone Lane, and follow her blog.

PrintRunner Giveaway

Today I am excited to share a giveaway with you all from PrintRunner. started out as a single small press and a dream ten years ago, and now they are one of the foremost quality printers in Southern California. Check out PrintRunner's stickers printing through their online printing services.

One reader will win a set of customized printed stickers. These could be great for your business, blog, etsy shop, or just to use around the house for your family.

Details of the prize:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Thank you, PrintRunner for providing this giveaway. I will also receive a set of stickers for hosting this.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Washi Tape Flowers

I've seen all sorts of duct tape flowers around Pinterest. I especially love these from How Joyful. I have been wanting to make some washi tape flowers lately, and I followed a similar idea to these duct tape ones.

                                                                           Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

This is such a simple project. These little flowers make great bows to add to boxes or gift tags.

All you need is a piece of cardboard or card stock, washi tape, scissors, and something for the center. I used buttons and felt.

What you do:

1. Fold over pieces of washi tape, leaving about a quarter of an inch extra at each end.

2. Trim the edges to be rounded or pointed, according to what shape you want your flower to have.

3. Tape the petals to a small card stock circle. For the orange flower, I did 8 petals, and for the yellow flower, I did 6.

4. Add felt, buttons, card stock, etc... to make a fun flower center.

I also made a flower with more, thinner petals. Cut each folded strip of tape in half. I added a simple felt rose (very flat) to the center.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to make a Ladybug Hooded Towel (Guest Post)

I am so excited to welcome Amber, from Crazy Little Projects. She has made an incredible start as a brand new blogger, and already has a great collection of tutorials and projects. Now, to Amber...

Hi Lines Across My Face Readers! Thanks so much to Rachel for having me as a guest poster.

I am Amber from the brand new blog Crazy Little Projects. Please come check me out for more sewing tutorials as well as fun things to do with kids, great recipes (think chocolate) and more! Better yet, like me on Facebook and we can be friends for a long time.

I love making these hooded towels for several reasons. First, they are SO nice to use with babies clear up to toddler, preschooler and even young elementary school age kids. Much warmer, larger and more absorbent than store bought towels. Second, they are so cute and you can get so creative with the animals. I am featuring a towel of the month on my blog (you can see the frog towel from last month here).

This month I give you...a ladybug!

OK, I will tell you now, hubby and I were having a difference of opinion about whether ladybug should have eyes or not. So, I have pictures of it both ways. Take your pick.

And the view from the back:

This towel is really pretty easy to make and they are a huge hit at baby showers! It's going to cost you maybe $10 (maybe even less) and take you an hour or so to make it (depending on your sewing experience).

What you need:
1 regular size bath towel in hot pink or red (I get mine at Target for around $5
1 black hand towel
About 1/4 yard black fabric
Iron on transfer paper
Small amount of cotton stuffing
A tiny bit of white fabric (if you are adding eyes to yours)
Pattern Pieces for antennae and eyes

Start out by cutting your black hand towel in half the hamburger way (meaning you end up with a short and fat half hand towel, not long and skinny).

Fold the top over about 4 inches or so, pin it in place and sew it:

Using these pattern pieces, cut out 4 pieces for the antennae and several spots. I usually do about 4 spots but you can do as many or as few as you like.

If you are adding eyes to yours, cut those out too. Using your iron on transfer paper, iron them in place where you want them and then do a tight zig zag stitch (applique) around the edges of them to keep them permanently in place.

Sew 2 pieces of the antennae together, turn right side out and stuff.

Now, take your hand towel and position your antennae where you want them and cut a small slit right through the towel to poke them down into. This picture gives you an idea of where to place them:

Stick them through the slits and do a zig zag over them on the underside several times to keep them in place and to close the slits you just made:

Fold your towel in half so that the face and antennae are inside and zig zag up the raw edge to form the hood.

Now, using your pink or red towel, place your spots where you want them. It helps to use the iron on stuff to keep them in place, though you don't have to. Once you have them where you want them, use a tight zig zag (applique) stitch around the edge of the spot to sew them on.

The next step is optional but make the towel easier to wrap around the child.

I add a little pleat to the towel right in the center of the long side. Right where you are going to sew your head on.  Fold the towel in to form the pleat and then zig zag it.

Now simply pin you head in place centered on the towel and centered on the pleat and zig zag it in place.

You're done! I hope it went well.

Remember to check out the frog tutorial as well and watch for a monkey, duck, owl, dragon and more in the coming months.
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