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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burlap Pillow (Craft Stash Bash #16 - Chase the Star)

Welcome Barbara from Chase the Star!

This is the last post in the Craft Stash Bash series. I've really enjoyed seeing all of the different projects everyone came up with, and I hope you have too. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

Hi there! I’m Barbara from Chase the Star.  I'm a wife, mom, and die-hard DIY'er and craft addict!  I started blogging as a creative outlet a few months ago, but have quickly realized that it is so much more!! Not only do I get to keep my creative juices flowing, but I have a chance to inspire and be inspired by other crafty people!  
At  Chase the Star you'll find furniture transformations, easy crafts, decorating tips, 
and much more!  
Chase-the Star

I'm really excited to be a part of the 'Craft Stash Bash' series, here at Lines Across!   I love this idea of using what we already have to make something fresh and new!  And truth be told, it was a perfect opportunity to go through my 'craft stash' and organize a bit!

I found just enough fabric, paint, and hem tape to make a pillow.  Perfect timing since I was working on a rocking chair project that could use just that!

My 'Craft Stash' consisted of: 
1. Scraps of burlap (altogether about a yard)
2. Hemming tape
3. Pillow insert
4. Pins
5. Foam brush
6. Acrylic paint
7.  Painting pen
8. Mod Podge spray

Here's how craft scraps turned into a cute outdoor pillow!

1.  I folded and pinned the burlap to make 2 'sleeves' and secured the edges by ironing 
on some hemming tape.

2.  I put the pillow insert into the 'sleeves', one went on top, one on the bottom.

3.  I ironed on some more hemming tape to seal both of the 'sleeves' together.

4.  This pillow was going to my friend, so I printed her last initial, 'W', cut it out and with painter's tape (also in my stash!) taped it on to the middle, where the 'sleeves' meet, for continuity.

5.  Then with a painter's pen, I traced over the letter, and removed the tape and paper cut-out!

6.  To fill in the "W" I used a foam brush with the white acrylic paint.

7.  Last step was to spray the entire painted letter with Mod Podge spray (in a matte finish).  

I know this pillow won't get directly rained on, but it will be exposed to the weather and elements, so better be safe than sorry!

Easy way to use up some crafting supplies already in my stash, and better, I didn't spend a dime!  That's my kind of fun!

A BIG thanks to Rachel here at Lines Across for inviting me guest post in her "Craft, Stash, Bash" series!  I had great time sharing with you guys, hope to see you over at Chase the Star soon!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Decoupage Crochet Tray (Craft Stash Bash #15 - Craftionary)

Welcome Hani from Craftionary!

Hi everyone, I am Hani from Craftionary. I love to make things to organize and beautify my home. On my blog I share DIY ideas that are budget and kids friendly and easy to make for everyone usually with common craft supplies. I have a page, listing all my tutorials, if you want to check it out.
I am so happy and thrilled to be ending the Crafts Stash series, the series if you ask me rocked, I enjoyed all the wonderful projects everyone shared. :)
I am sharing with you a Crafty Stash project I came up with using everything I already have.

A Decoupaged Crochet Tray

Make It:
I had this very very vintage tray

 I spray painted it black

This crochet mat is very special because it's handmade by my mom. She loves to crochet, there are so many that I decided to ask my mom to let me use this into something I want to make. :) And she agreed!

Luckily, it fits my tray just like they were made for each other. So, I cut the sides of the crochet mat (it was so exact that I didn't cut the side into a long ribbon but instead I cut it into a circle not cutting the continuity) and separated the two parts (i.e side and center). Finally, I decoupaged the crochet designs on to the tray.

and that's it. 

Thanks for having me here today Rachel. It was a pleasure to be here and make this for the crafty stash. :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Braided T-Shirt Yarn (Craft Stash Bash #14 - Homework)

Welcome Carolyn from Homework!

I’m so happy to be here today sharing a project in the Craft Stash Bash. I’m Carolyn from homework and today I’m sharing one of my favorite stash busting projects. Even if you don’t have a surplus of crafting supplies, you probably have several old t-shirts on hand.

Did you know that with old t-shirts you could make t-shirt yarn? Once you make the yarn, you can knit or crochet fun projects with it. Don’t know how to knit or crochet? That’s okay – you can braid the yarn to make these fun coasters.

To make these coasters, all you need are old t-shirts and a needle and thread.

Blog Braided Coasters_collage 2

Here’s the how-to:
  1. Cut up the t-shirts into strips by cutting the t-shirt from the bottom into a continuous circle until you have a desired length.
  2. The strips for these coasters were approximately 1 yard.
  3. Braid the strips and tie off with thread.
  4. Roll the braid into a circle and stitch the bottom side together.
  5. Tuck the end under the bottom side and stitch securely.
  6. If you have the time, t-shirts and patience, you can keep the circle going and make a rug.I don’t have any of the above so I'm stopping at coasters.

Here’s what the braided yarn looks like all rolled up. Try to pick colors that work together or work with your d├ęcor.

These coasters are all ready for a nice cool beverage.

Once you get the hang of braiding and rolling the t-shirt yarn, you can make other interesting projects, like this bowl.

To make a bowl, start by making a circle like you did for the coaster. Once you have the bottom done, form the sides by stacking the braid instead of laying it flat. You’ll want to stitch the piece as you form the sides of the bowl.

And there you have it. A fun project to make use of old t-shirts.

Thank you so much Rachel for having me over to share at your Craft Stash Bash.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Washi Tape Milk Bottle Vases (Craft Stash Bash #13 - The Winthrop Chronicles)

Welcome Sarah from The Winthrop Chronicles!

Hello Lines Across readers! I'm Sarah and I blog over at The Winthrop Chronicles. I also have a link party every Tuesday. I am a former NBC reporter and now I stay at home with my three little kiddos. They keep me pretty busy, but I try to fit crafting time in there during naptimes and after they go to bed, while my husband is writing his dissertation for his doctorate degree. We stay pretty busy, but it's always exciting.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Rachel's Craft Stash Bash. My husband will tell you, I have quite the craft stash. So it's always great to go through it and clean it out a little by making something. Today I am going to share some washi tape milk bottle vases with you, I hope you enjoy!

I love picking up bottles at thrift stores, so I had myself a little collection. I also love washi tape, I just can't have enough!

After cleaning out the bottles really well, I spray painted them white. The washi tape is really colorful and I wanted the bottles to be as uniform as possible. I figured by painting them white, the colors of the washi tape would stand out more.

After the paint dried I put the washi tape around the vases, added some fake flowers and a rossette. It was such a quick and easy project that brightens up my kitchen.

Thanks so much, and I would love to see you guys over at The Winthrop Chronicles sometime!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Cure for the Common Monday #46


Meet this week's co-hosts:

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Check out this week's Craft Stash Bash Posts

Fabric Napkin Rings

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Everyone is welcome to join this link party. Share something crafty or creative. Share a recipe or a household tip. There are four simple rules.

1. Follow Lines Across (I also will be sharing some of my favorites throughout the week through FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest).
2. Post the Cure for the Common Monday button somewhere on your blog (or link back to Lines Across).
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4. Visit the co-hosts, Chica is Artistica and My Passion for Decor and follow their blogs.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Washi Tape Stickers (Craft Stash Bash #12 - Little Lovelies)

Welcome Allison from Little Lovelies!

Hello there!
I'm Allison from little lovelies, and I am pleased to be here sharing my stash busting idea with you. 

Doesn't it seem like with every new trend comes a new stash? Such is the case with washi tape. 

I like the texture and look of washi tape and decided to turn it into stickers. I came up with a few ways to turn your growing tape collection into fun embellishments. 

What you'll need:
 -washi tape 
-craft punches
-wax paper
-stuff to decorate 

The first idea involves using a larger punch to make stickers.
Cut a small piece of wax paper and stick your tape to the shiny side. You'll want the pieces of tape to slightly overlap to form a large surface area to punch from. Punch out your shapes, peel, and stick. Like I said, this method works best for larger punches. The wax paper can be a little challenging to peel away from the back, but it is less of a problem with bigger punches. I used my pennant punch-outs to decorate a plain notebook.

Say you really like the idea of using a punch to make stickers, but you don't have a big punch. Well, I figured that out too. 

Cut two small pieces of wax paper and lay them so that they are overlapping by about 1/4". 

Stick your tape down over the overlapped area of wax paper. 

About 1/2" down from the overlapped wax paper line, cut off the excess. You don't have to waste as much tape as I did - I just did that for the sake of pictures. The things we do for blogging!

Now you are ready to put that small punch to work. You are going to punch directly over the overlapped wax paper. 

oooh pretty!

See what we've done here? By punching over the overlapped wax paper a sort of tab is created so that peeling the wax paper off is easy. Think about unpeeling a band-aid. It sort of opens up and you peel away the paper so you can stick it. It's like that. 

I just stuck the teeny little hearts on another notebook. I can't vouch for the permanence of these sweet little stickers. I plan on using this as a scratch pad next to my computer, so it won't be moving in and out of a bag or scraping against other books. Sort of a bummer if you are wanting to carry your washi stickers around.

So, we've used big punches, solved the problem of using small punches, and now there is the issue of our washi stickers possibly being damaged as they get shuffled around. Solution? Put them under something.

Like a clear phone case.

I didn't even use a punch for these. I just traced the circles using a dime, cut them out, and stuck them on my phone. The clear case I have holds them down and keeps them from being damaged in the hustle and bustle. (Please put stickers on your phone at your own risk. I figure if my phone has survived my toddler, it can survive a few stickers. Like I said. At your own risk.)

There you have it. A barely-stash-busting project :)

 I do hope that you'll stop by and visit me at little lovelies. I'd love to have you!

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