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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ice Cream Stick Tissue Box (Guest Post)

D.I.Y Ice Cream Sticks Tissue Box For Guest Bathroom

 Guest Post By Amber Hash From "The Vanity Room"

Today I have a very interesting D.I.Y for your guest bathroom. I will show you how to make a tissue box using ice cream sticks and some decorative items for your guest bathroom. I have used it for a guest bathroom as it will look more beautiful and more welcoming for your guests. So to begin with you will need paint of two different colors, glue, paper, paint brush, some decorative items of your choice and lots of ice cream sticks.

Divide the number of sticks and paint half of them in different color while the other half in some other color. Like I used pink and purple paint for the ice cream sticks. You might need to apply two to three layers of paint to achieve your desired color as wooden ice cream sticks soak up a lot of paint.

Then use a paper as a base and put some glue on it to stick the ice cream sticks. After that stack the ice cream sticks one by one on top of each other to create a box. Apply glue only to the corners of the ice cream sticks. You can see in the pictures below how I have stacked the ice cream sticks.

I used these cute little gold flowers to decorate the tissue box.

Here is the final look of my very own ice cream sticks tissue box.

Plants look very refreshing especially in bathrooms. I place a bunch of artificial plants behind the tap and used small candles to enhance the look of the sink.

I hope you like my D.I.Y ice cream stick tissue box. You can place it any where in your house and a tip will be to use matching color to paint the ice cream sticks with the interior of the rest of your room in which you intend to place the tissue box.


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