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Are you interested in collaborating with me on a project? Great! I love working with brands. Since I want all of my content to be helpful, authentic, and relevant, I am very selective in who I work with. However when I do work with you, I put a lot of time and effort into writing a creative post with high quality photographs that people actually want to read and share.

There are a lot of different ways we can work together. Email me (Rachel) at for more information.

Why Work with me?

1. Creative and original content

2. High quality photography

3. A well established website with features including...
4. Promotion across social media
  • 5000+ Facebook page likes
  • 9000+ Instagram followers
  • 6000+ Pinterest followers
5. 80k - 120k Page views per month

6. A voice in the creative community
How is Lines Across Different?

People are bombarded with all kinds of ads and links etc every time they turn on the computer. I don't want to be excessively adding to the spam. However, this website is also my business and I do run sidebar ads, and charge to work with companies. I just make sure to keep the content relevant and authentic, as well as keeping my blog post content and photos clear of any ads.

A Few Examples:

Here are a few sponsored posts that are great examples of the kind of content I like to create:

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