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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Subtle Smoky Eye Look with Mary Kay®

If you hadn’t noticed, lately I’ve been really obsessed with watercolors. I just love looking at all the little squares of different color, and using my brush to create something beautiful.

Mary Kay® makeup especially speaks to the artist in me. I love how their mineral eye colors come in beautiful vibrant hues. They even come separately, and you can arrange them however you choose in their magnetic compact. I also enjoy using the Mary Kay® gel eyeliner. It doesn’t have the glossy look that a lot of liquid liners do, but you can apply it with a little brush. I have so much more control with the brush than I do with the pencil, plus it is much more fun to apply!
Since Mary Kay® is the Official Beauty Sponsor this year of the Academy of Country Music Awards, they’ve put together three beautiful and easy to recreate looks in honor of the show: Queen of Country, All-American Beauty, and Boho Beauty.
Just based on these names, I would have thought that All-American Girl would be my look. When it comes to art, I’m all about bright colors and bold shapes. However, when it comes to makeup, I’m more about creating a simple and natural look. But, when I got a chance to check out the looks, I fell in love with the Queen of Country dark smoky eyes. This look uses three different mineral eye colors: a shimmery gold (moonstone), a deep purple (sweet plum), and a dark smoky gray (coal). It also uses the Jet Black Gel Eyeliner that I love so much.
Because I have more flat set eyes, I think that these darker eye shadows look good on me. They give my eyes the illusion of more depth, and don’t end out looking like I’m wearing a ton of dark eye makeup. This look is also pretty versatile. For a dressy night out, you can recreate this red carpet look by using more eyeshadow and creating a very dark smoky eye. And for daytime, you can use a little less eyeshadow (like I did here), but still get a beautiful and slightly more natural look.
Here's a look at all of the Mary Kay® products I used to create this look:
I even wore this look in my eccentric Instagram selfie that I shared recently. The gold eyeshadow and pink cheek color complemented my gold and pink wall of objects perfectly.
Which of these three Academy of Country Music Awards-inspired looks do you love most? Leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a Mary Kay® prize pack!

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DIY Confetti - Make a Beautiful Mess

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed I'm not afraid of a mess. In fact, I think that everyone should spend more time being creative (in one way or another), and that there is beauty in all kinds of messes. Andy Warhol said, "There is beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it." So when I got the opportunity to work with O-Cedar Angler and #CollectiveBias to look for beauty in life's messes, I was thrilled! #sweepthemess

Confetti is a fun DIY project that you can make pretty quickly, maybe while watching your favorite show on Netflix. It's also a great way to use up some of the scraps of paper, ribbons, and tissue paper you just haven't wanted to throw away. You can use the confetti you make as decorations for a party, something fun to put inside a letter, or even as something to include as a part of a styled photo. I ended out getting a little carried away (as usual) and made seven different varieties.

A few tips:

1. Paper punches seem to work better with cardstock or thicker paper.

2. To keep the confetti from looking too busy or messy, try to only use a handful of colors or materials in each confetti.

3. Messy works! If you're not the best at cutting in a straight line, this is a great project for you... especially the shredded tissue paper confetti.

4. Using paper punches with tissue paper can be hard. I found that it worked best when I folded the tissue paper over a few times so that there were eight layers. 

1. Heart shaped paper punches, pink and red cardstock, scraps of ribbons, scissors. 

2. Mint colored tissue paper, circle paper punch, jumbo gold glitter, scraps of gold ribbon.

3. Single hole punch, colorful cardstock or paper. (I ended out making a rainbow confetti with all of these colors, but it would also be fun to make a bunch of little circles and then mix and match them into different little bags of confetti in specific color schemes or combos.)

4. Scissors, colorful tissue paper.

5. Square shaped paper punch, star shaped paper punch, single hole punch, red orange and yellow cardstock.

6. Circle paper punch, red orange yellow and pink tissue paper.

7. Gold sequins, circle paper punch, single hole punch, gold Christmas garland, scissors, pink and mint cardstock or paper.

And of course, confetti is quite messy! By the time I was done making all of these different varieties of confetti, there was quite a little colorful pile of scraps at my feet. Fortunately, I had my O-Cedar Angler broom nearby to help me clean up... and oh what a pretty mess!

I can't get over this video! It's incredible what someone can make out of just dust and dirt.

O-Cedar "A Beautiful Mess" Giveaway

What about you? How do you like to make a mess?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

24 Modern and Creative Easter Eggs

As a Blogger, you are supposed to be thinking one step ahead of everyone else. Maybe you start Christmas crafts in September, so that they will be ready to post in time for your readers to have time to be inspired to make them. However, I'm not always great about thinking ahead. I don't always think about things like Easter crafts until it starts getting close to Easter. All of a sudden, I've really fallen for all of the fun and beautiful ways to decorate Easter Eggs, and I want to try them ALL, and then some. They are like tiny little blank white canvases full of endless possibilities. So even though it's a little late, here are 24 modern and creative ways to decorate Easter Eggs.

1. Gold Confetti Dipped Eggs

2. DIY Metallic Easter Eggs

3. Doodled Eggs (perfect for kids)

4. Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

5. Marbled Easter Eggs (made with nail polish!)

6. DIY Typography Easter Eggs (These are also hilarious!)

9. Watercolor Flowers Easter Eggs (so perfect for spring!)

10. Gilded Easter Eggs

11. Mosaic Easter Eggs (I just love these!!!)

12. Tissue Paper Eggs

13. Gold Dripped Eggs

14. Watercolor Easter Eggs (Such gorgeous flowers!)

15. DIY Constellation Easter Eggs

17. Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

18. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

19. Galaxy Easter Eggs (Amazing!!!)

20. Pantone Easter Eggs

21. Flower Eggs

22. DIY Mossy Eggs

23. Easter Egg Sculptures

24. Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gold Drip Easter Eggs

I recently got some Liquid Gold for the first time. I've seen so many other projects where people have used it in the past, and I've been meaning to get some for such a long time, but I just kept forgetting about it whenever I headed to the craft store. 

...and it's better than I imagined. The paint is very heavy and shimmery. It has an unusual texture and density that makes it drip and gather in unpredictable ways. 

I had a lot of fun gilding things in my house... paint brushes, Easter eggs... I even dipped a crayon in the little jar just to see what would happen. Now if only the crayon would write in liquid gold!

This is just about the simplest tutorial ever. In order to make these eggs, gather your supplies (Liquid Gold and craft eggs). You can use an egg carton, a dixie cup, or even some play-doh to hold up the egg. I wanted to drip gold over the larger side of the egg. Start by painting the middle area of the egg. The Liquid Leaf is so heavy, it will drip down the sides on its own. Instead of trying too hard to make it drip, simply keep dabbing paint to the middle area near the edges, and it will eventually gather and drip on its own. Once the gold dries, you could flip the egg over and drip the other end as well.

What's great about this drippy and messy project is that it's hard to make a mistake, because whatever you do will end out looking intentional. 

*This post contains affiliate links. I linked to the product that was cheapest on Amazon (Martha Stewart Liquid Gold), but for this tutorial I bought something called Liquid Leaf - Classic Gold at Joann's with a coupon. The bottle is very small, but it goes a long way.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Floral Watercolor Wallpaper - Free Downloads

If you follow me on Instagram, you've noticed I'm a little obsessed with watercolors lately. It's especially fun to turn some of my watercolor paintings and doodles into wallpapers for your iPhone. A few days ago I shared these bright brushstrokes wallpapers, and today I'm sharing these hand painted floral ones.

These are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. I've sized all of the files for the iPhone 6+ since it is so large, but you can easily download these backgrounds for any size iPhone or other smart phones. All you have to do is zoom in and out until you like the layout, and make sure the perspective zoom is off. You can download the files directly to your phone or save them to your computer and email them to yourself.

My favorite is the small, which is featured in the picture below.
Download the wallpapers here:
(for personal use only)

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