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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dracula and Frankenstein Pillow Boxes with Free Printables

I've been sharing a lot of different Halloween pillow boxes this month, and today I'm sharing these cute vampire and Frankenstein printable boxes. I think the Dracula pillow boxes are my favorite! (Check out the monsters and mummies.) And of course, since these are little vampires, you can fill them with red M&Ms. These pillow boxes are pretty small. Too small to hold a gift card, but just the right size to fill with candy. Each box can hold about 25 M&Ms.

What you need:
2. Card Stock
3. Scissors
4. Glue
5. (Optional: X-ACTO knife and Elmer's Dot Runner )

What you do:

1. Print out your boxes onto plain white card stock.

2. Cut out the templates. Carefully cut along the lines, leaving as much black outline as possible without leaving any white border.

3. Score along the curved lines at the top and bottom, and fold the two long edges. You can use scissors to lightly score, or the back side of an X-ACTO knife. Test on a piece of scrap paper first to make sure you aren't cutting all the way through the paper.

4. Glue or tape the tab to the opposite side of the box.

5. Add your accessories here (Dracula's cape and Frankenstein's screws). Glue or tape them to the back side of the box. After they have dried, carefully bend back the pieces that stick out off the side of the box so that they lay flat (parallel with the table).

6. Fold down the flaps to make your box a pillow, and fill with treats. These boxes are really little... too small to put a gift card in, but perfect to fill with little candy like M&Ms. They fit about 25 M&Ms when full.

This post was originally a guest post at Eighteen 25

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

10 Creative Halloween Crafts and Treats - Monday Funday 88

Welcome to Monday Funday! We are so happy you have joined us...


The Monday Funday Link Party is an 8 blog party where you can share your latest creativity including: diy projects, crafts, and recipes! You can link up once and your projects will be seen on all EIGHT of the blogs below, pretty awesome, huh?!

Hi, I'm Rachel from Lines Across and I'm happy to be choosing the features this week. This week I shared a Pineapple Onesie Costume and a Duct Tape and Chalkboard Banner. Also be sure to check out some of my other recent fall/Halloween crafts: Monster Pillow Boxes, Mummy Pillow Boxes, 30 Adorable Costumes for Kids, and 14 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas.

This week, I'm featuring 10 creative Halloween crafts and treats:

50 DIY Frozen Costumes

It's hard to believe that Frozen came out in theaters less than a year ago! I know my kids aren't the only ones begging to be characters from Frozen this year for Halloween. So I gathered together 50 tutorials for handmade Frozen costumes, from hair tutorials, to accessories, to detailed hand-sewn patterns. I love seeing all of the different versions that creative people have come up with and shared with us, and I appreciate the own unique approaches people have taken. At the bottom I've added a few accessories you can buy through Amazon (they are affiliate links) to take a handmade costume to the next level.

7. Elsa's Tulle Cape (I'm obsessed with this one!)

8. Elsa Dress Tutorial (There are 3 parts to the tutorial: top, skirt, and cape)

14. Crocheted Elsa Hair (with free pattern)

16. No Sew Elsa Dress Tutorial

17. Turquoise Snowflake Necklace (Elsa doesn't actually wear one in the movie, but this snowflake "ELSA" necklace would be a great addition to a costume, or fun for any little girl.)

27. Anna's Cape (Very authentic and detailed)

28. Princess Anna Inspired Crocheted Hood (with free pattern)

36. Olaf Costume (I love the poofy middle)

42. Olaf Costume (from a white turtleneck and hat)

45. Sven Costume (Made with a brown hoodie and gloves! This was actually made as a moose costume, but it would make an awesome Sven. Maybe make a felt carrot to go with it?)

47. DIY Reindeer Antlers (With template)

48. Felt Carrots Tutorial (Perfect accessory for a Sven costume)

49. Simple Felt Carrots (Quick tutorial that can be hand stitched)

50. Deer Costume (This is a beautiful costume with a detailed tutorial for a deer. It would be so easy to follow these general instructions but add a carrot and maybe some black and red ribbon to turn it into Sven.)

...and if you can't make everything, here are a few Frozen costumes and accessories for sale on Amazon.

1. Sven Plush - A great addition to a Kristoff costume

2. Elsa Shoes - To add that final touch to a handmade costume

3. Frozen Elsa's Wig

4. Long Elsa Costume Gloves

5. Queen Elsa Snowflake Hairpins

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