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Monday, February 20, 2012

I heart foxes... a collection of fox inspiration and crafts

If you haven't noticed by now, I LOVE animals. My latest obsession is the fox. In my opinion, the fox is the new owl. Haha.

Who knew baby foxes were so adorable? Thank you Pinterest!

Source: via Noel on Pinterest

Source: via Nettie on Pinterest

Fox Pocketbook Favor Box (with free printable template) from Paper Source

Hand Screen Printed Fox Pillow from the Etsy shop Robin and Mould

Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys Frisky Fox

Sleepy Fox Plush from the Etsy shop Sleepy King

Fox and Baby Print on Maple Veneer from Petit Collage

Printed Fox Pillow from the Etsy shop Kate Durkin

Fox Ukulele (with great tutorial) from Indie Pretty Projects

Toddler Fox Dress from Wild Things Dresses

Fox Painted on Wood from MirDinara


  1. OMG...... I want a baby fox now!!!! :)

    what a lovely post.

  2. Wow, these are soooo cute!!

  3. Hi..I'm kinda new here..I agree..I can't decide what I like better..owls or foxes..we have red foxes don't see them much but they are so beautiful when they come out of the woods..We also have an owl that we hear quite a lot from..but don't see him to often..I love it when he comes by to sit in a tree for a while..

  4. girrrrl preach! I love a fox too..and I agree with you that they are going to be the new owl....which sort of bums me out since I like "smart" animals and hate when something gets sooooo popular...but yes, I agree with you and I love the pins!

  5. Wow, baby foxes are soooo cute. Wish I could keep one! haha. Cute crafts too. Love the guitar.

  6. The fox guitar is something I've never seen.Awesome. :)

    I'm your new follower via GFC and do visit my blog too :)

    You got an awesome page I'm going to "Like" too :)

  7. Foxes may very well be the next owl! Love the toddler dress (wish I could fit into it!)

  8. Hi!! I've posted a fox pillow on my blog: and your web, I hope you don't mind!! You do a great job!!


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