"Lines Across": Spring Felt Flower Centerpiece

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Felt Flower Centerpiece

I loved making my Fall Felt Flower Centerpiece so much (and I had an extra Styrofoam ball left over) that I decided to make a spring centerpiece.

I used these Felt Spider Mums, which are very easy to make and require no sewing at all.

1. Choose your colors. Each sheet of felt made 9 flowers. I ended out using 42 flowers total. I decided to use 4 different colors. This is the smallest number you can do and keep any flowers of the same color from bordering each other. I would recommend between 4 and 6 colors of felt.

2. Make a lot of flowers. I would make between 9 and 12 of each color.

3. Paint or decorate your pot. I simply painted the flower pot with a thin white coat of white acrylic paint.

4. Start to glue the flowers to the Styrofoam ball. I used a hot glue gun which worked very well. Just make sure that you put the glue on the felt and not directly on the Styrofoam or it will melt. I also waited about 5 to 10 seconds after applying the glue to attach it to the ball.

5. Start gluing at the top. If you are using 4 colors, you can use the same pattern that I did. Put one color in the middle, and surround it by 6 other flowers alternating in colors. Notice that flowers of the same color are directly across from each other.

{Keep the flowers close together for a fuller look. But also remember that you will fluff them out in the end and the petals will cover any little gaps}

6. At some point, put the ball on the pot so that you will know where to stop attaching flowers. Fluff out the petals to look more realistic.


  1. I love this, it could be changed up for any season!

  2. This is such a cute idea! thank you for sharing =)

  3. This is really cute! I'm going to try a fall colored one!

  4. Cute idea!

  5. Oh how pretty! I love making felt flowers too, and this is such a nice way to display them! Very nice centerpiece!

  6. I think this looks great! Thanks for the tutorial. I've been itching to try making some felt flowers. You've inspired me!

  7. This is beautiful! I hope you'll add this arrangement to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop!


  8. These felt flowers would make beautiful centerpieces for a ladies brunch! Would you come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share your creative party ideas with us?
    Thanks, I hope to see you there!

  9. This is so cute! Wonderful idea.

    Love for you to share it at my Linky Party if you get a chance :) - "Made by ME" Wednesdays here: http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2012/04/made-by-me-25-linky-party-and-features.html

  10. It turned out great! I like your choice of colors.

  11. This is so cute! I would love it if you would come link this up at my Pinworthy Projects Link Party.

  12. This is SO cute! Definitely putting this on my to-do list for Spring Decor. I'm AWFUL with live plants/flowers! :)

  13. Love these ideas, I must share with my friends. Thank you for the great idea

  14. Hey Rach! Thanks for linking at my party! I'm featuring this tonight, its so cute. And by the way, I LOVE your new design. The cloud and water drops on the side is genius!

  15. OK- This is so super cute! I love it very much and LOVE the bright colors you picked! It screams Spring! Nice job!!

  16. Love this! Such great colors and I'm all about the fun flowers. Thanks for entering One Crafty Contest; good luck!

  17. I've always loved this project of yours. I'm voting for you at the One Crafty Contest! :)


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