Lines Across: 10 Fun Ponytail Tutorials

Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Fun Ponytail Tutorials

I'm always looking for simple ways to make a boring ponytail more fun and beautiful. Here are 10 fantastic tutorials to help you pull your hair back with style.

1. The Bubble Pony (via The Shine Project)

2. Knot Your Average Pony (via The Beauty Department)

3. The Twisty Ponytail (via The Small Things Blog)

4. The Twisted Pony (via Dear Emmie)

5. The Bohemian Twist (via The Real Beauty Reporter)

6. The Fishtail Braid Ponytail (I love the yarn woven in!) (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Sleek Side Parted Ponytail (via A Cup of Jo)

8. The Rolled Side Pony (via Refinery 29)

9. High Twisted Ponytail (via Love Maegan)

10. Messy Side Pony (via A Cup of Jo)


  1. this is a big fat kiss for you! I needed this post bad my hair has been so lazy and this is the perfect compromise woohoo

    rae gun ramblings

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful. I feel the same way. I always just pull my hair back but lately I've been trying to take 5 minutes to do something extra with it.

  2. la coleta de la preimera foto solía hacérmela mi madre aunado yo era pequeña. Que recuedos... bss


  3. I so needed this! My normal pony tail is so tired! And with lots of babes around, my hair is always pulled up. Now it can look cute and still be pulled up, and take me only a minute to do it! Just pinned, thanks!

  4. Wow. As a daily pony tail-er, these are great! Found you on the Sasse Life blog hop

  5. What a great collection. I definitely need some variety on my constant pony tail.:)

  6. These are beautiful Rachel!! My daughter has super long hair, so she will LOVE these!! thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. These are some fantastic ideas! I've been growing tired of the usual everyday ponytail. I can't wait to try out these new pony styles! I have fairly thick hair with lots of layers. Which styles do you think would be the best for layered hair textures? Thanks for your advice.

    1. I think that 3, 4, and 5 would work especially well with layered hair textures.


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