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Monday, November 19, 2012

Reindeer Brown Paper Bag

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you how to make these woodland creature gift bags from brown paper lunch sacks. I also thought it would be cute to make a reindeer gift bag for Christmas.

What you need:
1. Brown paper lunch bags
2. Scrapbook paper and card stock
3. Scissors
4. Glue and/or tape (I used Elmer's dot runner)
5. A black or brown button
6. (Optional) hole punches

What you do:

1. Fold over and crease the top of your brown paper bag. Cut the front part into a triangle.

2. Use the scraps or a similarly colored card stock to cut out ears. Cut smaller pieces in a lighter color and glue them to the insides of the ears.

3. Cut out a long piece of scrapbook paper (I used a festive Christmas paper, but you could also use the same color as the inside of the ears and tail.).

4. Attach the long piece of paper to the bag, underneath the triangle face with double sided tape or Elmer's dot runner (I recently have become obsessed with this stuff!)

5. Cut out two antler shapes from a dark brown card stock. Attach them to the tops of the ears, as seen in the second picture above.

6. Flip the bag over, and attach each ear/antler piece to the back. Also cut out a cute little tail and attach it to the back.

7. Make your eyes. I used two sizes of circle punches and white card stock and black craft foam. Button eyes would also be cute. Attach the eyes and the button nose and you're done (Maybe use a red button for Rudolph).

These reindeer brown paper bags are simple to make and would be a fun activity to do with older kids. If your kids are a little too young for this project, like mine, then make these bags and use them to wrap presents for your kids, or even adults. They would also make cute party favors at a Christmas party.

This project was originally posted as a guest post at Design Dazzle


  1. This reindeer bag is darling! I have got to make some of these with my kids... I think I have everything at home already! perfect :) Thanks Rachel!

  2. adorable!! i have to try this! thanks for the post! :)

  3. You are so creative, Rachel! I'm going to make these with the kids this year. :)

  4. cute idea for a post.

    Olivia Lee

  5. Found this on pinterest and LOVE it! Always looking for creative gift giving ideas, as well as crafts to do with grandkids. THANK YOU so much for sharing your ingenious & artful idea!

  6. This is a great idea...I am gonna try and make this with my little one for her birthday return gift packet


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