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Monday, December 3, 2012

Clay Lollipop Ornaments

I'm happy to be sharing with you today the 2nd handmade ornament tutorial I have lined up for this week. (See the schedule here)

Last year I made felt lollipop ornaments, and my kids loved them. They also really loved the ice cream cone ornaments I made, and run around the tree pretending to eat them. It turns out, there are a lot of edible items on our tree this year, including a great set of apple ornaments that were on my family's tree when I was a kid.

So since I have recently picked up a new OBSESSION with polymer clay, I knew I wanted to try making some more clay lollipops for the tree this year. These are very similar to the candy cane bow ornaments I made a few weeks ago. You can also check out this post on polymer clay tips and projects for beginners.

What you need:

1. Polymer Clay (I used Sculpey III Polymer Clay Color Sampler)
2. Glossy Glaze and a Paint Brush
3. Fine Glitter
4. Lollipop Sticks (I used 4-Inch Lollipop Sticks - cut in half)
5. Twine
6. Hot Glue Gun

What you do:

1. Cut off two pieces of polymer clay (an X-ACTO knife is a great tool, but not necessary). One white, and one of another color. You can also mix together colors to create your own. Knead the pieces of clay until they are somewhat soft and easy to work with.

2. Roll the two pieces into two long ropes of about the same size and length.

3. Twist the two pieces together, and then roll the twisty piece until it is flat and smooth. You can continue to twist and roll until you are happy with the result.

4. Coil this into a spiral on a piece of foil, then bake in the oven according to the directions on the clay you are using (remember different brands of polymer clay have slightly different baking instructions).

5. Once the clay has cooled, paint a coat of glossy glaze over the lollipop and then sprinkle some fine glitter over it before it has time to dry.

6. Using a hot glue gun, attach the lollipop sticks to the backs of the ornaments, and also attach the twine loops.

I made 6 and I love how they turned out. They were fun to make, and pretty simple. I think I might try making some multicolored ones. We especially love how they look scattered around the tree.

Be sure to check out the other handmade ornament tutorials in this series:


  1. These are so cute! Great job! :)

  2. I love these. They look absolutely delicious!

  3. These are fantastic! They really do look yummy...and the glitter just makes them so festive. Brava!

  4. I love them. What a cute idea! Cheers.

  5. I love them!!!! I'm thinking I should get some clay now :)
    By the way, have you tried making beads with clay yet? I used to
    do that all the time, they make beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

  6. Adorable!! These would be so cute on my kitchen Christmas tree. I wanted it to be 100% candy themed this year, but I didn't have the budget for new ornaments. I think I'll get to work on these cuties!!

  7. You are seriously inspiring me to start working with polymer clay. I love love love these little lollipop ornaments. I want to run to Michaels to get clay to make them RIGHT now. Thanks for the tutorial, Rachel! :)

  8. Seriously?!? Where has this polymer clay stuff been all my life? I just love it!! I have to go get some!! These are precious!!

  9. What do you think of poking a hole at the top (I was thinking with a skewer) to make a hole for a regular ornament hook? I have zero clay experience, so thought I'd ask before we get started with this project!

    1. That should work well, but I would play around with it first to test how well it will work. The skewer might not poke a very clean hole through the clay since it's so thick. I might try a tiny coffe stirrer or there are super cheap polymer clay tools at any craft store that might work better.

  10. You can either use a headpin (you would insert through the bottom pushing it all the way through to the top of the lollipop, and bake, then once out of the oven, cut headpin to size and form a loop at top with roundnose pliers), or insert an eyepin (by making hole for the eyepin prior to baking, then after insert the eyepin using some tls to secure in the hole), or use an eyescrew (make a hole prior to baking, hole should be a bit smaller than the eyepin, then after baking just screw in the eyepin; this is my favorite option). The lollipop stick (push it through the bottom prior to baking, then remove stick, bake, and after baking reinsert stick and use some tls on stick to secure in hole)


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