Lines Across: Layered and Torn Paper Ornaments

Monday, December 3, 2012

Layered and Torn Paper Ornaments

This week I have a very special HANDMADE ORNAMENT guest series lined up for you all. Ornaments are one of my favorite things to make, and I enjoy adding to my collection each year. 

I want to welcome Shannon, from eat.sleep.MAKE., who is here today to kick off the series! 
(Stop back by this week for a total of 10 handmade ornament tutorials, and one fun giveaway. You can read the schedule here)

Hi Everyone!  I'm Shannon, the redheaded counterpart of eat.sleep.MAKE.  My sis-in-law, Jen, and I blog about anything DIY. 

We are so excited to be guest posting over here at Lines Across!  Today we have an easy, but fun tutorial on how to make these layered and torn paper ornaments.

What you will need:
Bristol Paper
Glue gun & glue
Styrofoam ball
Embroidery floss

One of the things I love about this project is you can customize the colors of it to match any Christmas decor theme.  Mine has hues of pink and turquoise since my Christmas colors are pink, turquoise, white and gold.  

 First:  Paint your sheet of bristol paper with any colors you'd like.  You don't need to get too specific with the actual design.
Second:  Rip it up!  The nice thing about bristol paper is that it's thick, so the edges almost look fuzzy when you tear it.
Third:  Begin gluing your pieces to the styrofoam ball.  Start from the bottom and slightly overlap each piece, winding all the way around and up in a spiral pattern.
Fourth:  Once you reach the top.  Leave a tiny hole where you can see the styrofoam.  Tie a loop of embroidery floss, large enough to fit on the branch of a tree, and glue it in that hole.
Fifth:  Finish spiraling tiny pieces of torn paper around the embroidery floss to hide the glue, the knot and the styrofoam for a seamless finish.

Sixth:  Hang it up!

 I hope you enjoy this simple project!  This is even a good one for kids to do.. (minus the hot glue gun, of course!)  You could also embellish the ornament with some glitter!

It's been a blast being here at Lines Across with you all!  Stop over at eat.sleep.MAKE. and check out some of our other projects like our No-Sew Coffee Cozy tutorial.

Also, this week we have a series happening called Stuff Your Stockings.  Come check out all the awesome projects and gift ideas from us and some of your other favorite bloggers!


  1. This is such a unique looking ornament.... I already have most of the supplies. I think this project is calling my name. Great post. (And I love the antique look to your photographs.)


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