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Friday, May 13, 2011


Benjamin was born with a short head of light brown hair. By the time he was about six months old, it had all fallen out, except for an adorable little mohawk.

Now he has beautiful blonde hair and it completely fits his personality. I couldn't imagine him any other way.

When I found out I was having a girl, I secretly hoped she would be born with thick brown hair like I was. (Of course I knew that I would love her hair and think it was perfect no matter what color it was.)

This is a picture of me around my first birthday.

Furthermore, the name LYLA actually means dark-haired beauty (which she is!).

However, I did not realize how high-maintenance her hair would be. I carefully comb through her hair, untangling many knots after every nap. I even use detangling conditioner throughout the day. And yet the knots keep coming back. I have even had to cut 3 or 4 out from the back of her head. Even though her hair takes a lot of work, it always looks adorable.

This is her crazy just combed sticking up look.

This is her single pigtail look. This is how she wears her hair around the house most days.

This is her pigtails with bows look. The bows fall out of her very soft and fine hair very easily though.

Lyla's hair goes in all different directions.

This is my favorite look - cute little pigtails.

When her hair was shorter it looked cute in a little head band. It is getting too thick to work well now.

The big flower headband.

Grant thinks she looks like a flapper from the 20s in this picture. She looks so cute in the little beanie, but it is usually too hot in Florida for it.

One flower clip to pull her bangs out of her eyes.

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