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Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Gears - Learning Toy

Most mornings Benjamin wakes up saying one thing: GEARS.

These gears are just about his favorite thing on earth (other than Oo-Oo the Monkey and his family of course).

He loves his gear toy. It really is a great toy. There is a large central gear with a motor that spins around and plays music when you press the button. Then the other colorful gears that are connected spin too. Some of the little knobs light up with the music. Somehow the central gear is so gentle that it would be impossible for even the smallest baby finger to get pinched.

The gears easily come off and can be placed on any of the pegs. It is a great way to learn basic physics... the gears that are connected to the middle gear will spin, those that are not connected will stay still.

The box recommends this toy for ages 12 months and up, but my 6 month old daughter Lyla LOVES this toy too. Maybe it's because she sees her big brother playing with it all the time.

Jam Jam usually lets her share with him and they both sit on opposite sides of the gears and play. However, sometimes he just wants his gears all to himself. 

The gears can even stack on top of each other.

Benjamin especially loves to play with his gears and this stacker toy together. (Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker) But really he walks around the house looking for things to put on the central gear and watch them spin. After trying to put a lot of larger items there that don't fit, he has learned how to make a "tower" that will work. He has even tried to put himself on the gears.

My aunt (who has a special talent for finding awesome baby and toddler things at yard sales in great condition) originally found this gears toy and bought it for Benjamin. After a LOT of wear and tear from our little guy (and probably more from someone before him) the gears' motor is slowing down. So we ended out buying him a new one. I don't blame the quality of the toy though... it has put up a good fight.


  1. Cute kids!! New follower from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop.. Please follow back

  2. I feel like you and I are living parallel lives! I had 2 under two (17 months apart) Myles just turned 2 and Laney is 8 months (also older boy, baby girl). These gears are my son's favorite toy too! I just found your blog and liked you on FB and am pinning many of your activities to do with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!


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