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Friday, September 2, 2011

23 Incredible Bookshelves

I wish that I had a large house with lots of walls so that I could cover them all with bookshelves. There are so many spectacular and creative bookshelf designs out there. Scroll down to the bottom for the DIY bookshelf inspirational ideas.

1. Multi-functional design from Yoon-Zee Kim via Cube Me
A desk, chair, and bookshelf all in one

2. Face shelving by Alexi Mccarthy via Freshome

3. The Movement bookcase by Samulnoli via LikeCool
The bendable arms and legs literally grab your books.

4. Mario bookshelf and warp pipe nightstand via Neatorama

5. Branch bookshelf by WOKmedia via Swiss Miss
This white branch shelf would look fantastic in a nursery.

6. Ladder bookshelf by Chris Ruhe via Design Milk

7. Bookwave hanging storage via BLTD

8. Console bookshelves by Stnistav Katz via Behance Network

I love this 48 States bookshelf. Fantastic. Only 6 of these were ever made.

10. Tree bookshelf by Shawn Soh via Design Artist
I am waiting for IKEA to make a knock off of this one.

11. Aakkoset bookshelf from Kayiwa via Gizmodo
Store your books inside the letters of the alphabet.

12. Circular window bookshelf via Casa de Valentina
This entire room is amazing. I want to build my own house just to have a round bookshelf window.

13. Bibliochaise or book chair

14. Kub+ by Fabio Teixeira
A Rubik's Cube inspired bookshelf

15. Equation bookshelf via Estudio Breder
Brackets, braces, and parentheses

DIY Bookshelf Ideas

16. Turn books into shelves via Real Simple

17. Organize your books by color


18. Surround your bed or room with books and shelves
via Home-Designing

19. Add bookshelves (IKEA spice racks) to the side of a dresser
via On the Banks of Squaw Creek

20. Use books to decorate a wall
Elizabeth Sullivan Design via House of Turquoise

21. Stack books vertically
Via Be Good Design

22. Use books to construct a bookshelf
Via This into That

23. Turn a bookshelf into a house
I love the tissue box/smoke stack.
Via The Brooding Hen


  1. I love the Mario bookshelf and the nightstand! All of the other ideas are very creative, too, but the Mario speaks to the kid in me :)

  2. love many of these great looks so cute come see me at

  3. Great collection. I think the rainbow is my favorite

  4. They're pretty, but most don't have nearly enough shelf space for the space they take up. The one with shelves going over the windows is good, though (thinking...). They're shelves for design lovers, not book lovers.

  5. So FABULOUS! I'm so glad to have found your blog...thanks for stopping by earlier! XO, Aimee


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