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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Braided Fabric Bracelets

I love all of the braided fabric bracelets, headbands, etc... going around Pinterest. What a great way to turn scraps of fabric or old t-shirts into something new and beautiful. I pinned these a few days ago, but I wanted to make some using silver clamps.


1. Strips of fabric (about 10'' by 1.5'')

I had never used these clamps before, but they are great. Already I've made about 6 different kinds of bracelets with them. They are easy to use, and a great way to make handmade jewelry look more polished and professional.

What you do:

First prepare your fabric strips. You can use any kind of fabric. The blue and green bracelets were made with a lighter cotton fabric, and the orange bracelet was made with a stiffer heavier fabric. Cut 3 strips of fabric about 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide (maybe a little longer for a larger bracelet). Fold the fabric into thirds and secure using a little bit of Liquid Stitch. I also used a little fray check along the edges. 

1. Arrange the 3 strips side by side inside of the metal clamp (the one I used was 3/4'' wide).

2. Use pliers to clamp shut the silver pinch. Make sure that the clamp is secure all of the way across.

3. Start braiding. For the orange and green bracelets, I braided the strips keeping them flat and not folding the pieces over at all. For the blue bracelet, I folded over each piece as a braided it. You could do it either way... it just gives a slightly different look.

4. Decide how long you want the bracelet to be. Remember that the silver chain will make it a little longer. Trim the ends evenly.

5. Use the second clamp to secure the ends. Add a little chain of links to one end.

6. Attach a silver clasp, or whatever you want to use. These silver clasps came with the clamps I bought at Joann's.

That's it. I love these bracelets. You can make them with any fabric, and each color and material gives a slightly different look.


  1. these Rachel!!! Thanks for an awesome tutorial!!

  2. Very nice bracelets! Thanks for sharing your tutorial:)

  3. How creative and cute!! this is WONDERFUL! Simply FAB!!!! I will LOVE for you to please share it via my Mannequin Monday linky party happening today please - What a wonderful post.. ;)) Hope you can stop in / take a look and link if you can.. THANKS so much for sharing in advance.. Wishing you a perfect day -

  4. These are so cute Rachel! I have a little crush on that orange one :) Pinning it NOW!!

  5. Those are so cute! I've never used clamps before. I might have to try! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! I had never used clamps before but now I'm obsessed. They're really easy to use and you can turn anything into cute jewelry.

  6. Such a cute idea!!

  7. That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do you get those little clamps?

    1. I bought them at Joann's. They also sell them on Amazon. Sometimes they are called ribbon clamps.


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