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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Fairy Tale Felt Flower

You may have noticed this felt flower featured in my scrappy flower hexagon wreath last week. Now I'm going to show you how to make them.

Originally, I saw this pin on Pinterest, but I could not find any original source. So I decided to make some like them. These are a little different than the flowers in the picture. They are a little thicker and sit up a little higher. They start out very similar to simple rolled felt roses.

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What you need: 
1. Felt
2. Scissors
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. (Optional - alligator clip or bobby pin)

What you do:

1. Cut out a felt circle. To make this larger version, use a CD to trace the circle. You could also make a smaller and flatter version (closer to the original pin).

2. Cut the circle into a spiral. Try to keep the lines smooth and even. You will need to cut of the little corner (see the dotted line in the picture?) and trim uneven edges. (You can also make an uneven version like the light purple one. Cut the spiral with swirly lines. Also go back and cut around the outside of the circle with swirly lines as well.)

3. Start in the middle. Start spiraling and gluing the felt under the center circle piece.

How to Attach a Bobby Pin:

I also wanted to attach these to a bobby pin with some glue for my daughter to wear in her hair. Because hot glue doesn't always attach that well to metal, it's good to add a little extra support when attaching. I used bobby pins with a little metal circle at the top.

1. Cut out two leaf shapes. Glue the larger one across the bottom of the flower. This also gives added support to the whole flower.

2. Attach the round part of the bobby pin with a hot glue gun. Apply pressure as it dries.

3. Cut a circle out of the end of the second leaf, just big enough to place around the bobby pin. Now glue this second leaf with a hot glue gun. Make sure that glue is attaching the leaf to both the top of the metal circle, and the first leaf underneath.

(Also, make sure that the leaves are pointing towards the bobby pin. Otherwise, the leaves will stick out in your face.)

Here are a couple of these Fairy Tale Flowers that I added to my hexagon wreath.


  1. I'm getting ready to make a felt flower wreath, so this is really helpful! Thanks for breaking it down so clearly. And I love the different look of the flowers depending on how you cut your curves. Beautiful. -Lauren

  2. These are super cute!! Love the idea of adding the bobby pin, perfect for the little girls in our lives. :)


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