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Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Owls

It's no secret I love making pipe cleaner animals. They are quick, simple, and fun, and my kids love them. Since they are only 2 and 4, I end out doing most of the making, but they love to watch and play with them afterwards. Plus, the kids always get to glue on the eyes at the end. 

I've also shared how to make pipe cleaner bunnies, chameleons, elephants, frogs, and birds.

You will need:

1. Pipe Cleaners: 2 Brown, 1 Tan, 1 Orange
2. Googly Eyes
3. Scissors and Glue

What you do:

1. Coil one brown pipe cleaner around a pencil. Cut three little pieces of tan pipe cleaner that are about the same height as your brown coil.

2. Tuck the tops of the tan pipe cleaners below the second coil, and fold over. Fold the bottoms under the bottom of the coil. Try not to squish the coil as you do this.

3. Now take your second brown pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Then bend back both sides in the other direction to create two little pointy owl ears. Now put this piece through the center of the coil. But instead of putting the ends all the way through to the bottom, stick each piece out one of the sides below the second coil. These will be your wings. Then fold over these pieces to make the wings, and trim them if you want shorter wings.

4. Now cut a piece of orange pipe cleaner that is about 6 inches long, and fold it in half. Stick the folded point through the middle of the coil and out below the second coil, right where the tan pieces are tucked in. Fold the point forward into a beak.

5. Now fold over and angle out the bottoms of the orange pipe cleaner to make your own feet. You may need to play around with them a little bit to make sure your own stands up securely.

6. Attach some big googly eyes and enjoy. 

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  1. Oh my. They are the cutest thing ever! I'd love it if you linked up with our weekly link up party and shared!


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