Lines Across: DIY Diamond Gift Boxes (with Free Printable Octahedron Templates)

Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Diamond Gift Boxes (with Free Printable Octahedron Templates)

 Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm addicted to DIY paper gift boxes. If you need proof, check out this collection of 15 free paper gift box templates. Sometimes I come across fun templates others have created and shared and I make some myself (like these amazing paper pyramid gift boxes, or these little suitcase boxes.) Sometimes I'll take a free template and change it up a little bit (like these dog and cat paper gift boxes). And sometimes, I'll come up with a DIY paper gift box on my own to share with you all (like these neat lego gift boxes). Ever since I first made those paper pyramid gift boxes, I've wanted to make a gift box that was shaped like two pyramids on top of each other. Technically, this shape is an octahedron (nerd alert!) but it also looks a lot like a diamond.

These gift boxes are pretty quick and easy to make. The whole thing from start to finish takes about 5 minutes. View and print the template here.

1. Card stock
2. Paper Punch
3. Ribbon, thread, twine, etc...
4. Double sided tape, Elmer's glue dots, or glue
5. Scissors and a ruler

What you do:

1. Print the free template onto card stock or heavy paper. I use colorful 65 lb paper. Remember that the printed side will be on the inside of the box. Cut out the box along the solid black lines.

2. Fold along the dotted lines. I use a ruler to make sure I get a clean straight fold. You can also score lightly. Use a small hole punch to punch holes in the tops of the triangles where the four dots are on the template.

3. Tape or glue on the BACK SIDE of the tab labeled glue. Attach this side to the straight edge on the template. Thread a string or ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

This way the gift boxes are easy to open and reuse.

You can also cut off four of the tabs (like in the picture below) and tape or glue all of the pieces together if you want to just make a paper octahedron, or if you want to make a one-time-use gift box without the bow on top.

Diamond Gift Box Template


  1. Thank you so much for the template!! These boxes are so pretty!

  2. Thanks Rachel, such a nice tutorial!

  3. WOW ~ so pretty ~ thank you very very much for your sharing ~!

  4. Thank you very much ~wooooo~


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